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Here's a long overdue (gg vannah) weekly newsletter yay!
Oh but wait, it's ghetto?! OH YES! It will be better, it will. Believe in the heart of the cards.
Hey y’all! -Well, recap starting WEEK 2!Officer Retreat was pretty swell! We also got a lot of thought putinto the potential JAC Convention, soooo AYE OK!

WEEK 3 - Recap!

Game Night had to be postponed & Sawtelle Night was not as  impacted as usual. There were a lot of reasons behind this, partially  because Officers were at Retreat, so they did not get the reminder for the event, the events were not publicized/ready, and also because the Weekly update email was not sent. We apologize for the Inconvenience.

This Week – WEEK 4!

SOOO! These are the two events this week! Pose Off (Tomorrow) & Maid Café!
Do you enjoy being spoiled and given the undivided attention of a cute girl in a maid uniform? Do you enjoy eating delicious food? Then come and visit JAC's 2016 Maid Cafe! Be sure to RSVP and reserve your spot by filling out the form!


We're finalizing T-Shirt design submissions and ideas. Deadline for this is tonight! We'll show designs in club on Fri. April 22nd! The PREORDER Form is out.

Coming Up – WEEK 5!


We have our Makeshift Cosplay Night Friday in Club! Don’t you just wanna turn Erick back into “Super Love Princess” & Abdullah into Neko-Hime-Sama?! ALSO! OUR “Beach Episode” Saturday April 30th at Santa Monica!Let’s go smash some watermelons!


LASTLY! Stamp Card/Sign in is open to EVERYONE & you can sign in for WEEKEND EVENTS too!

Vannah-Wila L. Yazon | Co-Historian 15-16 \ Secretary 16-17